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We help people own their digital presence.

About CCO Inc. Hosting

CCO Inc. Hosting is a small enterprise established in 2018. During many years of our web based business (website development, web design and administrating, server maintenance, creating applications,...) we realized how important and how hard it is to find a good, reliable hosting solution for our clients. CCO Inc. Hosting was born from the need to provide such a solution.
As we rent our own servers we provide low load resources for clients. Therefore, our mission is to offer top server performance and quality of service.

Everyone deserved to run their website smootly. Give your website the power it deserves.

Our Datacenters

Our data center is located in Finland, Helsinki. The servers are owned by the renowned German company Hetzner. As we have many years with server experience, if our client needs bigger server resources, we offer to the client assistance in selecting and configuring their own server for their needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is provide super quality hosting service for affordable price. We analyze our business and try to improve our services and raise quality to a higher level.

Backup Server

We got separated server with your backup to avoid losing your data in case of damages or server crash. Backup data is included in our services and its for free. We store 30 days your backup. You have access to your backup data 24/7.

Satisfied clients

Our main goal is to satisfied clients with quality of our services. Your satisfaction is ours, so let’s play this game on the same team.

You need a web site?

One part of our company work on web development and web design. If you need a web site, or you want to improve your old website, CCO Inc. Design can help you with that. As an ideology of hosting company, CCO Inc. Design trying to make solution where our clients will be fulfilled with the web presentation of their business. CCO Inc. Design with CCO Inc. Hosting give to you completely solution for your web business (web develop, web design, web site maintenance, SEO optimisation, domain and hosting solution,...)
You are good in your business, we are here to support you in that and raise your business to a higher level.

Why Host with Us

There is many reason why to join us, and if you do that, much more you will find out during time.

Powerful Hardware

We use powerful server for our services and make them work on low load.

Daily Backups

30 days backup on separated server for free. Clients have access to their backup 24/7

Uptime Guarantee

Our team work to make our server stable and we always have another server on standby if something goes wrong. Our servers have daily backup.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

As a graphic designer, I found someone to help me promote my work and make visible to other part of the world. Service - professional and HQ

Vojin Stojanović


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Everyone deserved to run their website smootly. Give your website the power it deserves.

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